Where to stay in Cape Town?

Where we stayed: an honest review of Sea Five Camps Bay

As usual, I had forgotten to take photos of our accommodation because I am careless and forgetful.

Sea Five sits at Camps Bay where all the rich white people live. At its rear is Table Mountain and its front, Camps Bay Beach. From our Penthouse Suite we could often hear the roaring of the sea breeze and the crashing of the waves. No kidding though, when we first arrived in Sea Five quite late in the evening, we thought there was a typhoon going on in Cape Town and that the roof was going to fly off along with us. (Ding Dong! The wicked witch of the east is dead!)

The pool was a nice addition to have but unfortunately it was too cold to swim in May. Trust me, I went down in a bikini, dipped my toes in, decided that getting frostbite was not worth the insta photos and took the walk of shame back up to change into normal clothes.

My parents had the master bedroom and naturally…

I was granted the magnificent kids room.

The best yet most awkward part was the toilets though, they were clear, see through glass. The toilet was just behind a slab of concrete. I could continue conversations with my parents whilst peeing, greatly convenient. However, when one needs to go number two, an evacuation was necessary.

Ok, maybe I stand corrected, the views were the best part! Accustomed to our safari schedules, we awoke at 6am to this: clouds rolling in from Table Mountain!

Here’s another one!

Camps Bay Beach which Sea Five overlooks is quite a sight as well. On most weekends you can see dogs and their owners frolicking about! 

The view from the main balcony.

Evening views are not to be missed out too!

Taken on our last night!

Unfortunately, though, about 600 USD was stolen from us from the safe. We are uncertain if it was truly someone from Sea Five who had stolen it from us but it is highly unlikely that we would have dropped 600USD on the way. (We keep our money in a money pouch and don’t open it until we are somewhere safe, like a hotel, which has proved to be not-so-safe after all.) We had only noticed the money missing on the way back home so we were unable to clarify this directly with the hotel. We did give our travel agent a call but heard nothing back.

On that note, I would like to say that as beautiful Sea Five may be, I felt that there were many other accommodation options that were more than half the price of Sea Five. With the ease of accessibility, an Airbnb could seem like a suitable alternative.

Tips: 1, I would certainly recommend Camps Bay as a neighbourhood to base yourself in. It is relatively safe (I felt safe walking outside at night), there are many restaurants nearby and it guarantees spectacular views.

2, Settle for an Airbnb, Camps Bay is full of summer houses. Do the rich white people a favour and rid themselves of their empty summer houses on Airbnb. It’s for your own good too. Here are some lovely picks that I was ogling at: a Spanish villa a 3-bedroom villa  and this amazing villa with sweeping views

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Camps Bay is so ugly, yuck. 

What an atrocious sight. Imagine waking up to this.