Miscellaneous Woodland creatures and Scenic Views

Other than the wildlife, Phinda has some truly spectacular tumblr worthy scenery.

Hallelujah! I can imagine this being used for some #jesus quote. 


Not strictly scenery but monkey penis. He was hanging around the lodge premises and I wanted to approach him but then… no thanks. 

Warthogs live in burrows with their families. They have sensitive feelings and get sad when you call them ugly. 

Walk into the club and everyone staring at me.


The first sunset we saw in Phinda, featuring the fever tree. The story of the fever tree is an interesting one. When the white explorers first came to Africa, malaria as a serious problem. Being the civilised and intellectual noblemen, they found a correlation between this tree and falling gravely, gravely ill with a fever (malaria). Why? Because fever trees tend to grow near bodies of water where mosquitoes breed. For the longest time, the early explorers thought that the fever tree was poisonous and was the cause of the illnesses. Malaria also halted deeper exploration of Africa until Tonic was invented. Fun fact, that’s why you have Gin and Tonic.

Niblets of knowledge aside, the silhouette of the fever tree has almost epitomised the landscape of the African savannah. All we’re missing in this photo is a nosy giraffe.