Table Mountain

What to do in Cape Town?

Table Mountain, essentially a plateau (thus the name table mountain) overlooks much of Cape Town. Our guide once joked that she gets confused whenever she is overseas because she loses her bearings without the mountain in the backdrop. Certainly, it is one of the must-dos when one visits South Africa.

We began our journey by… Hailing a cab to the base of Table Mountain Cable Car station. Of course, there is an option to hike up the mammoth Table Mountain but alas I am not one for huffing and puffing my way up. 

The view en-route to the top is not one for the faint-hearted, don’t look down!

I have an unhealthy obsession with taking photos of animals. We were greeted by this little creature once we completed our arduous journey to the summit. Anyone wants to tell me what this is?

It was all worth it though, we were rewarded with this magnificent view! Wow, taking the cable car is really hard work. 

Panoramic views of Cape Town! 

Jumping for joy because the weather forecast was wrong! We were told that it would be a rainy day. GUESS WHAT MOFOS. IT WASN’T. 

Point proven, Table Mountain offers some really beautiful views of Cape Town. For the lazy bums like me, the cable car option would suffice, the plateau at the top is 3km wide, sufficient for a little mini-hike. For those who are more adventure seeking and do not have crippling asthma, there are hiking options available ( I have seem some people bringing their dogs up by climbing as well. I highly doubt my dogs would be able to do anything like that.