Why Cappadocia should be the new EATPRAYLOVE (Cappadocia photos)


I’ve been in a bit of pensive mood lately, work has been overwhelming and nobody, including myself seems to be truly happy anymore. So, I’ve decided to reminisce and maybe think of ways in which I could be happier. As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, edit a bunch of photos in Lightroom and write a list. I wish I could do yoga, sit in a field of rice (that would make me very muddy) and just eat, pray, love. But Bali is full of self-absorbed hippies and has become the place of refuge for one too many yoga instructors. Wait a minute though, I’ve been to the amazing Cappadocia, which is essentially all the same in terms of magical sunsets, breath-taking sceneries. Ok I admit, its missing a few rice paddies, what’s your point. 

This is also in part dedicated to my awesome friend Shermaine whom I share so many awesome memories with (as well as secrets, what’s friendship without that?). Thanks for being there for me in some truly horrific moments, both on this trip and off.  

So here’s a list of reasons why Bali is no better than Cappadocia when it comes to getting over an ex, dealing with some nasty sh*t, or when you’re just done with life*.

*disclaimer, I have never actually read Eat Pray Love because its cliché and dumb and I cry easily. 


1.    You can take to the open road, not on some lame pastel blue bicycle but on ATVs which are awesome AF. 

 Gurl, please you gotta dump that blue bike. Why ride around like some 7-year-old when you can have gas guzzling machines that can go up to 100km/hr… wha? 


Obviously, nothing beats the open road when it comes to dealing with a traumatic heartbreak. Excitement tingled with uncertainty, who’s to say a handsome strange won’t just come by and sweep you off your feet! Or maybe murder if with an axe if he’s hitchhiking. I’m not sure, don’t quote me on this. 


But there’s just something therapeutic about it, isn’t it? Taking your girly pastel blue bike or your monster ATV and just riding off to the sunset like you’re your own hero, your own prince charming. There’s just something so inspiring and comforting to that, yea girl power!  


2.    There is an actual love valley in Cappaodocia, and not because of hearts.

 Cappadocia is famous for its “fairy chimney” rock formations… Or mushrooms. Or phallic rocks.

They’re kind of cute and the colour of the Cappadocian sand gives it a shade of pinkish-beige. What better way to cheer yourself up than to giggle childishly at rock formations? And who’s to say that God, if he exists, isn’t giggling at these too? Maybe that’s the reason for their existence, God wanted people to live in stone that looked like giant phalluses.  


Whoa, look at the size of that!
Being a complete 5-year-old aside, the rock formations do make for some pretty amazing OOTD shots, I only wish I had a drone with me then to capture the entirety. I can assure you its much more magnificent in person. 


3.    Forget the rice paddies, here are some new and exciting spectacular views


If you weren’t convinced by love valley that Cappadocia has some serious natural wonders, let me show you the amazing views and ethereal landscapes you could find yourself in.  
Also, you could climb and explore said ethereal landscapes at your own pleasure at take some mean OOTDs or act weird, like me. 


These cave buildings used to be the houses of the early settlers. Now most of it is in ruins and is a perfect place to go exploring and pretend you’re in an alternate universe.    


Just sit back and enjoy the view  


Turkish pottery is also very pretty! Don’t forget to check it out if you have time on your journey of self-discovery 


Uchisar castle stands tall. Once the stronghold of Cappadocia, Uchisar has mostly fallen into ruins. You can now climb to the top for even more spectacular views.


 Oh man, I got photobombed by a terrible person airing their pits.  


#4: Take #pensive shots 


What’s an eat pray love journey without some insta-shots to prove that you’re hard at work contemplating about life and your very existence? It’s not real reflection unless you post it on social media, right? Right. 


Plenty of spaces for you to look out in the distance.  


You can even attempt some artsy shots like this one over here.  


#5: Explore Cappadocia with your friend.


Let’s be real. Does anyone really want to go on an eat pray love journey alone? Unpopular opinion: solo travel is boring and lonely. Ooops, did I just offend half of the blogging community? #sorrynotsorry


Given a choice, I would prefer hanging out and getting into all sorts of sticky situations with my girlfriends. And Cappadocia is the perfect place to climb about—this place is like a freaking jungle gym.  


Damn gurl <3  


You don’t need no man for a follow-me-to shot.   


You can also take both glamourous and unglamorous photo of your friend and post both photos up on the internet for everyone to see. That’s what friends are for.  


Here’s to you Sherm! Stay strong and beautiful always! 

So, there you have it, 5 reasons why Cappadocia should be the new place for zen and serenity and everything that EPL stands for. Want to find yourself? Go get google maps.