Rhinos are Actually Myopic Triceratops(es?)

Rhinos have really, really small eyes.

Because of this, they’re infamous for having very bad eyesight. Now, please don’t ask your Asian friend if that is why he/she has very bad eyesight. It’s still racist and impolite.

Here’s a mama rhino with her baby. Rhinos rely more on smell than sight for navigation and avoiding danger, that’s why it is so easy for poachers to kill them for their horns. Poachers would hide downwind and the rhino would not even know what hit them.

Here we see one of the few surving black rhinos. Black rhinos are critically endangered, there are fewer than 2,500 of them left in the wild. Black rhinos are not actually black, they have narrower snouts than white rhinos. In Afrikaans, White rhinos were referred to as wide rhinos because their snouts were wider. But confused English people thought that they meant white rhino. Well, if that a white rhino than this would be a black rhino.

I think that rhinos actually look like tricerotops from the side. Don’t you think so too? 

The fun and games were over when he thought that we were threatening him and decided to charge at us. Luckily for us, he was pretty much blind and charged instead, at an unfortunate shrub.