Giraffes are Nosy Assholes


Giraffes. You may know them as those things with long necks, kinda elegant but also kinda clumsy. This giraffe here seems to be at peace, serene, not bothering anyone. Lions know them, however, as nosy assholes.

Robin, our ranger/guide who you may recall from the previous story, was telling us that, apparently, giraffes follow lions around to notify surrounding prey of their presence. Can you imagine if you were a lion trying to catch some dinner and all of a sudden, this long necked yellow thing decides to put up and flashing neon signboard and follows you with gusto. “Why are you doing this?!?”

We soon figured out that giraffes not only stop and stare/follow lions around but they also do this to whatever they found would be potentially dangerous, i.e., us. 

Here are three giraffes looking slightly confused but bemused at our presence.

“Hey Fred, it’s them again”

This one was following us around for a while before he decided that he had more important things to do with his life, giraffe things.

Even baby giraffes like to spy on people behind bushes. Tsk, didn’t your mom tell you that staring is rude?!?


Here’s another one in mid step as it continues to observe us from a safe distance and at the same time, let everyone know that we’re here. Thanks, man.

Whatever you do in life, please don’t be a giraffe.