A Cheetah Love Story

cheetah brothers

Dawn. After we said our tired good mornings, we set off for our safari adventure of the morning. Vroom. We are greeted by a pair of dashingly handsome cheetah brothers. They are doing regular cheetah stuff, trying to mark a tree, strutting around, scaring off some zebras.

Cheetahs are usually solidary animals but often cheetah brothers stick together even if they have grown up. It’s like a bro pad or something. Females on the other hand, do not and live alone until they have children (because girls really can’t get along with other girls sometimes). These two bros were on a perma hang-out. 

cheetah butt

Cheetahs are really juts big cats and do a lot of cat things like brush their face on things to mark their scent and show you their butt.

mother cheetah

A couple of months ago, they had met this stunning lady.

baby cheetah

And they made this beautiful little cub and his five brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, one of the siblings got lost and most likely died ): ): ):

Cheetahs aren’t actually very cuddly because their adult fur is not soft to touch and feel more like wire.

comparison cheetah

Can you see the resemblance omg! 

fierce baby cheetah

But baby cheetahs can be ferocious too! Check out this moment! Work it, baby cheetah!

feeding baby cheetah

Another one!

natgeo baby cheetah

I think this is my natgeo moment :’)

But alike most of the familial relationships in the wild, unfortunately these baby cheetahs will grow up with daddy issues. Daddy does not partake in child rearing at all unfortunately. The good(?) news is that these two brothers would have BOTH mated with the female cheetah so they wouldn’t know whose cubs the babies are. As a result, they don’t kill cubs, unlike lions who viciously murder cubs that are not sired by them ): 

sleepy cheetah

Without the kids bugging him, the brothers can relax and nap under the shade on this hot afternoon. Unfair.

Cheetahs are definitely one of my favourite big cats. Did you know that they are actually the only big cat that can be domesticated! They can be trained to hunt and return when called.

Cheetahs are also incredibly light for their size, weighing at 35kg on average. They’ve also got portable sunglasses with them since their tear stains act as a pair of Raybans. Convenient huh.