Paro – the renowned Tiger’s Nest Temple and MORE


Paro – the renowned Tiger’s Nest Temple and MORE 

Ahhh, Paro. We’re back to the world’s most dangerous airport and the home of the Tiger’s Nest Temple which has been consistently named as one of the places to visit before you die. Does it live up to its hype? 
The hike itself normally takes 4-5 hours roundtrip (we took 6 because of who I am as a person and my FOMO when it comes to taking photos) and you can spend about 1-2 hours in the temple itself. 
Depending on where you’re staying, you start the day at around 8am. 


We stayed at the COMO Paro which offered amazing breakfast fare.  


If you’re feeling extra lazy there’s an option of taking a donkey up to the halfway point of the trek. I wouldn’t recommend it though because there have been cases where the donkeys have fallen off the footpaths. Also, don’t do it if you’re really fat I feel sorry for the donkeys.


The hike itself wasn't that treacherous and offered some pretty amazing views. Also had lots of opportunities for #pensive shots

Oh you totally caught me off guard. 

Oh you totally caught me off guard. 



This was about the halfway mark and I can assure you as a really unfit person I was dying. It was 3000m high and my favourite pastime is eating chicken nuggets so... It was literally an uphill task. 


At an elevation of 3000+ you also get some interesting plants, like this lichen that apparently only grows when the air is astoundingly clean 


Lichen can also act as a mustache for those who struggle with facial hair. Say hi to our guide, Kinley.


The cat was trying for some #pensive shots too 


After crossing waterfalls, taking 10000 selfies and stalking a cat, I WAS FINALLY THERE. 


The first sight of the Tiger's Nest Temple is really like nothing else you have seen before. Its literally carved onto the side of the cliff. And it was built in 1692 what? Even in modern times I can hardly imagine anyone building something as spectacular as that. Aaamazing. 



After the grueling hike back we still managed to try some archery which I spectacularly failed at and even visited a traditional farmhouse where they prepared a hot stone bath for us! Even though I nearly boiled, it was a interesting cultural experience. 


Archery is the national sport in Bhutan and it is HUUUUGE. (Or should I say Yuuuuge?) Most people in Bhutan start learning archery from the tender age of 7! 

Local liquor which was hard to swallow (both literally and figuratively)

Local liquor which was hard to swallow (both literally and figuratively)

Our driver, Karma. Yes, that's his real name. 

Our driver, Karma. Yes, that's his real name. 

Paro was certainly an amazing experience and I still can't believe that fat ol' me managed to hike up the Tiger's Nest Temple. Now that I've been there I have 999 more places to go before I die. YAY!