Where we stayed: Riad Fes

As unoriginal as the name might be, Riad Fes was stunningly beautiful and elegant. A Relais & Chateaux property, Riad Fes has won multiple awards in luxury accommodation and is certainly regarded by many as the best hotel in Fes. It boasts of three patios and two bars.

riad fes
riad fes

As you can tell, the main lobby was beautifully appointed too.

riad fes

I have a thing for Moroccan lamps.

Unfortunately, I felt that service was not really up to par with the luxurious decor of the hotel. The staff were helpful but they weren’t really personable or friendly. But I guess since Riad Fes wants to keep up such a pompous façade the staff were instructed to be extra stiff and serious. I very much preferred the personable attitudes of smaller-scale hotels.

The main gripe I had with the hotel were the rooms. Ok maybe just my room in particular. I had booked a standard room which was on special offer. It wasn’t as nice as the rest of the hotel. It was in a dingy side building, clearly not in the main area of the hotel. We had to walk up a frightening flight of stairs. Seriously, why would anyone want to use masks as décor at the side of stairs? Do you know how creepy that is at night?!?! The rooms weren’t that cheap to begin with. I paid about 230 USD a night which is still relatively expensive considering the going rates for rooms were about 100USD.

The room I had, which I didn’t take a picture of because why would it, was clean but visibly aged. It was obvious that we were staying in an older part of the hotel which was due for renovation.

Oh bother, I guess it doesn’t pay to be a discount-grabbing Singaporean sometimes. If you do decide to stay there and pay full price, I’m sure it would have been an amazing experience. Don’t forget to check out the rooftop bar which offers amazing panoramic views of Fes as well!