Cape Peninsula Day Tour

Hout Bay harbour, Cape Point and Boulders Beach

Hout Bay harbour, a newly revitalized space for tourists and locals alike. We had stopped to take in the beautiful scenery and some fresh air before heading on our way to Cape Point. 

hout bay harbour

Calm ocean’s day. Mmmmm… 

hout bay seal

Wait what’s that?!?!?! OMG A SEALION. The dog of the ocean. By then I was already missing my three babies at home so I had some serious withdrawals. One thing led to another and soon we were on the ferry to seal island, just off hout bay. It was really quite entertaining to see these sea lions (see lions, haha geddit) frolicking on the rocks, I have to admit that I was a little jealous of their hakuna matata lifestyle. 

hout bay seal colony
hout bay seal

“I am King of the Seals, First of his Name, Caller of the Waves, Master of Seabirds and the Mother of Seadragons!”

Fair warning though, there was quite a big group of tourists so it was nightmarish trying to vie for a photo spot. That being said, I think it was well worth the time to go and have a look. 

hout bay seagull

Seagulls flying over the horizon.

The next stop, was an ostrich far where we stopped to have tea. I was feeling a little sick from the boat ride, preemptively and needed something to eat. We headed into the Ostrich farm, hoping for some snacks but alas, an ostrich farm only serves ostrich meat. We should have known.

Pa was not too keen on the Ostrich farm though. There is a little backstory to this. Well, apparently, this was not our first time to an Ostrich farm. We had been to one before in Australia. And apparently, Pa was viciously attacked by one.

Since then, he has had an intense and understandable dislike for ostriches.

I would like to think that the feeling is mutual on their end too. 

Unamused Ostrich is unamused.

This would not be the last we will see of ostriches however, they are endemic to South Africa and also live in Cape peninsula where we were headed next...

The Ostriches in Cape Point are not friendly at all though,  under no circumstances should you go and bother them. Example 1:  


Ostriches aren’t really the top concern though. Although e did not see them, Baboons have been an inconvenience to visitors of the Cape Point peninsula. Our guide was telling us an incident when a group of tourists were trying to take photos of baboons on the roadside when suddenly, the baboon decided to pull a GTA and hijacked the car. It literally jumped in from the front seat. Frightened, the tourists evacuated the car and more baboons decided to join in on the fun. Our guide must have had quite a sight to see with tourists standing around a baboon infested car. I’d imagine it was something like this: 

It’ll certainly be quite hilarious to watch but I certainly wouldn't want to be stranded outside a car and risk getting attacked by baboons. Always respect nature, guys. 

After some giggles regarding baboons and ostriches, we finally arrived at Cape Point. The views were obviously stunning.

We climbed up to the lighthouse at the very top. There was an option to take the tram but we walked because hey, how hard could it be? Arrogance is never a virtue, especially when it comes to physical activity. Don’t let the running children fool you, I was quite out of breath by then time we saw this:

Truly, truly breathtaking.

We did stop by the Oceans restaurant for lunch which was highly recomeded on tripadvisor. I can hardly recall the food so I assume it was ok. I do remember seabirds swooping in and stealing food from other diners so perhaps indoor seating would be preferred.


AHHH PENGUINS. The beach was literally littered with penguins. These penguins were also smaller than the average ones you see on TV which makes them a lot more wobbly and stubby. It was also 6 months after breeding season so we saw many chicks with their parents. Feeding time was a little gross as the parents regurgitated their food out of their gut and into the mouths of their chicks. Uck. 


Bulimia for a cause. 


Penguins also mate for life. Which is really sweet. I managed to snap a photo of these two literal lovebirds cuddling as well <3

Our last and final stop was the Kirstenbosch gardens, which is like their national botanical gardens. 


One cool thing about the Kirstenbosch gardens is that actually have an opiates garden. I don’t know where is it but if you do, you could literally go over and pick out some weed. I suspect its in some secret corner of the garden but nonetheless, could you imagine if some stoner found it.

The kirtensbosch garden is a nice place to watch the sun set over Cape Town. Surreal.

Our day trip to Cape peninsula was certainly a fun-filled day. You can actually follow the exact same route by renting a car. The itinerary wasn’t overly rushed and was paced nicely. The Ocean restaurant is a good place to stop for lunch as well. So, farewell for now Cape Town! Till next time!